Order Routing & Trade Execution

Unlocking best practice with Market data

The transparency requirements brought in by MiFID II and MiFIR, together commonly known as MiFID II, have dramatically changed the investment landscape and the responsibilities placed on those businesses. For those companies operating in the non-equity instruments space, which has previously been opaque, MiFID II has had a dramatic impact.

Within the new transparency landscape, the key questions to bear in mind are:

Trade Execution:

  1. Do my current venues offer me the best execution?
  2. Will this mean that some venues will not exist in the future?
  3. How do I prove best execution for my clients with the multitude of data sources now available?

Order Routing:

  1. Where is the liquidity in each asset class?
  2. How can I mine the available data sources to identify the venue in which I have the highest opportunity to execute my orders in a timely and cost-efficient manner?

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