Sectors and services

TP ICAP's businesses provide intelligence, trade execution solutions, data and advanced analytics to the world’s markets and operates four global divisions:

Global Broking (comprising of Rates, FX and Money Markets, Local Markets, Equities and Credit asset classes)

Our global broking businesses cover Rates, FX and Money Markets, Local Markets, Equities and Credit asset classes and bring together buyers and sellers, providing them with a range of professional intermediary services that enable them to execute trades successfully.

Our brokers leverage their deep customer relationships to devise trading strategies, identify potential trading interest, foster liquidity and facilitate price discovery. They utilise our technology platforms, which enable large amounts of data and research to be incorporated into decisions. Combining this with their experience of observing market factors, interpreting events, precedents and probabilities, they act decisively on real-time information to deliver the desired outcome for the client.

Energy & Commodities

TP ICAP's global energy business operates markets in oil, gas, power, renewables, ferrous metals, base metals, precious metals, soft commodities and coal.

We create strong networks in person and through technology with our clients. This enables our product experts to assist clients in all phases of energy and commodity transactions, from canvassing the market for expressions of interest, to intelligence gathering, negotiations, commercial implementation and post-transaction processing. They also provide insights, based on long experience, on the impact of the many unpredictable factors that affect energy and commodities markets such as weather conditions, geopolitics, and exchange rate movements.

Institutional Services

TP ICAP's institutional services business provides a diverse range of high-value services including pre-trade information and intelligence, intermediation and post-trade solutions. Our professionals devise trading ideas, analyse potential trades, gather information, locate scarce assets, formulate pricing, and execute trades efficiently.

Our subject-matter experts assist our clients to understand market fundamentals to meet short and long-term strategic goals. By tailoring strategies to meet our clients’ precise requirements we enable them to run their businesses with greater certainty and at lower cost.

Data & Analytics

Our data & analytics business provides unbiased data products that facilitate trading, enhance transparency, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency. Our customers use our products and services to make more efficient investment, portfolio analysis, valuation, risk management and compliance decisions.

We have pricing, reference data and analytical tools for major asset classes and markets. We pride ourselves on our rigorous quality assurance processes, which ensure the integrity and robustness of our products.

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