Data & Analytics

Our Data & Analytics business provides unbiased data products that facilitate trading, enhance transparency, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency. Our customers use our products and services to make more efficient investment, portfolio analysis, valuation, risk management and compliance decisions.

We have pricing, reference data and analytical tools for major asset classes and markets. We pride ourselves on our rigorous quality assurance processes, which ensure the integrity and robustness of our products.

Tullett Prebon Information

Tullett Prebon Information is a leading provider of independent real-time price information from the global OTC financial and commodity markets. Its data is relied upon by customers in over 40 countries. It delivers the highest-quality independent price data using state of the art technologies and data publication standards covering major markets including Rates, Fixed Income, FX and Money, Volatility, Energy, Inflation, Credit and Equities.

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ICAP Information

ICAP Information empowers clients to make trading decisions with authoritative and independent over-the-counter (OTC) market information from ICAP, a leading markets operator. It provides data services across all key asset classes and offers innovative solutions for real-time, end-of-day and historical products.

Its data is the intelligence behind algorithmic trading, research models, risk and compliance applications and portfolio pricing and management and is a key source of mark-to-market data for the industry. It delivers 100,000 instruments generating an average of 300 million updates per day.

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PVM Data Services

PVM Data Services is a leading provider of key-market data to energy trading companies around the globe who are exposed to price movements in the oil market. It specialises in supporting risk management and back office departments in their daily mark-to-market and VaR processes which benefit from the consistent and timely provision of comprehensive and unbiased forward curves.

PVM Data Services collect raw data, aggregated from its broking desks to provide valuable, accurate and timely data for research, back-testing and mark-to-market.

PVM Oil Associates is the world’s leading international broker of OTC oil instruments, with daily turnover averaging well in excess of 100 million barrels of OTC oil derivatives globally.

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Burton-Taylor International Consulting

Burton-Taylor International Consulting is a recognised leader in information industry market research, strategy and business consulting.  B-T Exchange, AML/KYC, Media Intelligence/PR and Financial Market Data share figures are regarded as industry standards globally.  

Burton-Taylor research subscription, report and consulting services clients include the world’s largest information companies and exchange groups, key government organizations and regulatory bodies on multiple continents, the largest advisory firms serving the industry and many of the most active private equity and investment companies around the world.

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