Energy & Commodities

Our global energy & commodities division operates three independent brokerage brands in all the key commodities markets including oil, gas, power, renewables, ferrous metals, base metals, precious metals, soft commodities and coal.  The three brands – Tullett Prebon, PVM and ICAP – are independent from each other and offer our clients three distinct, competing liquidity pools. 

We create strong networks in person and through technology with our clients. This enables our product experts to assist clients in all phases of energy and commodity transactions, from canvasing the market for expressions of interest, to intelligence gathering, negotiations, commercial implementation and post-transaction processing. We also provide insights, based on long experience, on the impact of the many unpredictable factors that affect energy and commodities markets such as weather conditions, geopolitics, and exchange rate movements.

The TP ICAP brokerage businesses act solely as intermediaries, matching buyers and sellers. They have no proprietary interest in any trade it helps to arrange, so the focus is exclusively on the quality of information, price discovery and trading liquidity they bring to each client.

Tullett Prebon Energy & Commodities

Tullett Prebon Energy & Commodities operates 11 offices globally including offices in the main hubs of London, New York, Houston, Geneva and Singapore.  It offers the full suite of products including oil, power, gas, emissions, coal, soft commodities, base and precious metals.  It advises clients across the full spectrum including corporations, trading companies, banks, hedge funds, governments and asset managers.

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ICAP Energy

With more than 300 staff across its offices worldwide, ICAP Energy is the energy-focused commodity arm of ICAP, providing coverage of base and precious metals, emission credits, crude oil and oil products, electricity, natural gas, coal, freight and weather derivatives.  Hybrid broking is also provided throughout a range of energy products and encompasses a wide variety of electronic platforms that are tightly knit with ICAP’s voice offering.

ICAP Energy is a leading energy broker with operations in London, Amsterdam, Bergen, Singapore, Sydney and seven centres in North America.

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PVM is consistently voted the number 1 oil broker and is the premier name in oil broking, PVM's activities cover over-the-counter (OTC) broking of swaps, forwards, and physical crude oil and refined products, together with exchange broking of WTI, Brent and Gasoil futures contracts.  Our non-Oil business covers broking physical and financial coal and EU Carbon allowances and offsets.

PVM’s main office is in London with offices in New York and Singapore.

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