Global Broking

Our global broking businesses cover Rates, FX and Money Markets, Local Markets, Equities and Credit asset classes and bring together buyers and sellers, providing them with a range of professional intermediary services that enable them to execute trades successfully.

Our brokers leverage their deep customer relationships to support trading strategies, identify potential trading interest, foster liquidity and facilitate price discovery. They utilise our technology platforms, which enable large amounts of data and research to be incorporated into decisions. Combining this with their experience of observing market factors, interpreting events, precedents and probabilities, they act decisively on real-time information to deliver the desired outcome for the client.

Our two leading global broking businesses, Tullett Prebon and ICAP, operate independently and as competing businesses. Both offer access to Rates, FX and Money Markets, Local Markets, Credit and Equities markets and are both leaders in the broking sector.

Tullett Prebon

Tullett Prebon acts as an intermediary in wholesale financial markets and is a leading interdealer broker. Aided by market-leading technology, Tullett Prebon’s expert brokers facilitate the trading activities of clients across our major product groups contributing to the liquidity, transparency, risk management and efficiency of financial markets. With office locations in all major financial centres we are well placed to serve our clients.

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ICAP is a leading markets operator and matches buyers and sellers in the wholesale markets through voice and electronic networks. Our brokers locate and identify potential trading interest creating liquidity and facilitating the price discovery process. ICAP has a strong presence in EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

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