Our strategy

Our strategic purpose is to provide access to dynamic and efficient markets that enhance the flow of capital, energy and commodities around the world. To create long-term value we have six strategic objectives:

Addressing our clients' needs

Our client base is widening and becoming more diverse as the sector landscape shifts. We aim to service the needs of our clients as they evolve. Our expertise, market venues, products and service levels are designed to provide a tailored, streamlined, client-centric experience, and we remain conscious of the importance of delivering an excellent experience for all.

Maintain and extend our leadership

We are currently the leading global provider of over-the-counter (OTC) financial, energy and commodity broking services and a leading global provider of OTC data and analytics. We have achieved this position through a focus on what our clients need: technology, platform functionality and product breadth, all supported by a responsive service ethos.

We aim to be the first choice for clients, achieving, maintaining, or extending market leadership wherever we operate.

Strengthening our global presence

We operate globally, with offices in 28 countries serving clients in all the major financial centres and cities. We have a consistent and purposeful approach to growing our client base in both new and established regions. Our global brands – Tullett Prebon, ICAP, PVM and Mirexa Capital – will help us expand internationally, penetrate markets more effectively, and attract new clients.

Strengthening Our Global Presence

Diversify our product offering

We constantly identify promising asset classes to diversify our product offering. These asset classes benefit from our ability to:

  • increase accessibility;
  • raise awareness and knowledge;
  • foster liquidity;
  • develop trusted pricing; and
  • provide intermediary services, trading venues and information products so that they achieve a significant level of trading activity among a broader spectrum of clients.
Deliver exceptional service to our clients

Our vision is to deliver an industry-leading and world-class service to our clients, and for the quality of our execution to be viewed as a competitive advantage. Through impartial guidance, investment in robust technology, a unique depth of market insight, and a culture of honesty and integrity, we aim to make our clients feel secure and confident in transacting with us. Backing this up with the best pre-trade services and post-trade processing, operational capability and service levels will position us well to attract and retain valuable clients.

Sustain our technology leadership

This is a virtuous circle. Our financial strength enables us to maintain a high level of investment in IT development and infrastructure. In turn, this allows us to remain at the forefront of the industry, with superior platform technologies, analytical tools and resources. The strength of our platforms and their proven resilience are essential in maximising the length, depth, durability and value of our client relationships.


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